U P C O M I N G  W O R K S H O P S

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RETURNING to wholeness, to nature, to knowledge, to ourselves and to one another. RETURNING the gather serves to create a space of co-creation in all forms.

This all ages event is curated for women, by women.

Our wombs are sacred Stargates of creation that are our portal to our Ancestors, Descendants, ideas, creativity, sexuality, sensuality and so much more. We have been told that this space is only for birthing children, however what if you could come home to the knowing that you can

also birth your Authentic Self in this life?Because of the power that lies within our wombs, we must also keep these spaces cleansed and clear from all other energies in order to keep this space solely for us and our own creative forces.In this workshop we will delve into what a Womb's power is, the types of energies and stories that hold us back from truly accessing its potential, why this is so important and experience womb cleansing techniques to bring you home to your own innate power and creative force.

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Join us on an emotional tapestry journey, a weaving of rituals and practices within a sacred and grounded space to explore the

hidden emotions within our

womb’s and give them space to

be brought into light and



Doing deep Womb work

empowers us and ignites our

belief in the ability to support and truly love ourselves, through all

facets of who we truly are.

Illuminating Emotions will weave through an Element and a

particular emotion on each month

journey and will be energetically supported by a team of spirits and be held together by IxCacao, the loving heart Medicine. Cacao is known as the door opener and is an established plant facilitator of women’s work, fertility rites, abundance rituals and heart opening work for thousands of years. Because of the nature of her medicine, she is also able to assist in the shadow aspects of the heart and womb, revealing and supporting the release of stagnancy, fear and inability to feel.