W H A T  W E  B E L I E V E  I N .

Mother Tree Creations is a holistic catering experience like no other. After seven years in the world of wellness, nutrition, retreats, workshops and events, Mother Tree Creations has created a service that merges physical and spiritual into delicious, edible joy.


Mother Tree was birthed from the idea that everything comes from the Spirit of Mother Nature, the great provider that surrounds us and keeps us nourished every day. 


Caitlin Priday, the Mother Tree Creations founder and creator, believes in wholesome, nourishing and nutritional meals that inspire and ground all those who eat them. Her ethos is built off Food as Medicine, an ancient healing practice of healing the body from inside out through correct food combining and preparation.

Mother Tree Creations supports organic farming, wild-crafting and as many local farmers, small businesses and sustainability advocates as possible. Working within a network of community means that the quality remains high and that integrity stays strong. 


Learning through inspiring one another with our passions is a vital key to maintaining the simplicity of humanity and Mother Tree Creations is proud to feed her community through education and beautiful creations to inspire, nourish and nurture the simplest task that we have on this planet- to love our bodies and love our selves. 

Food is Medicine, and therefore we can heal ourselves through the simple power of nourishing ourselves on retreat and taking this into our daily routines with this reminder.