T H E  E M P R E S S  A N D  T H E D R A G O N  W O M E N S  W O R K

Women today are bombarded with many different messages about empowerment, sexuality, relationships and health. Most often, we feel confused about what it truly means to be in our Feminine power. We receive mixed messages about being strong in our Masculine yet vulnerable in our Feminine. This leaves most women feeling confused about what real strength and balance is and how to maintain it when life intensifies.

This program is for you to discover and develop a deep connection with your body, your inner masculine and feminine, and your spirit. The Empress (Feminine) & The Dragon (Masculine) enables us to marry our inner dualities to give birth to a more Sovereign, Unified and Divine version of Ourselves - a self who is clear on her purpose, connected to her passion, and stable in her love, truth & power, in her interactions with herself and others.

The Empress & The Dragon is an Empowerment and Elemental Programme that combines Magical Taoist practices with Meso American ritual magick and spirit work. This program will take you on a journey of working with your own energy, archetypes and magick. We will work with Rites of Passage, Ritual and Sensory practices, incorporating Elemental practices, Aromatherapy, Herbal essences, Alchemy, Nutrition and the Energy Centres/Cauldrons (Dan Tiens). We will be working with specific crystal yoni eggs to amplify your inner journey and outer experiences (the egg will not be used during the workshop, it is for your home practice).

The programmes will run over a series of 'treatments', designed to take you deeply into your own womb and its complex matrix of unravelling - cleansing you energetically - reflecting itself into your life and your daily interactions and choices and allowing you to be reborn in your perfect balance of Sovereignty. Each journey is unique, just like your own internal blossoming flower.

The Empress & The Dragon aims to assist you with getting to know your Authentic self, and all parts of you, in a contained and held safe space. The Empress & The Dragon is a comprehensive and immersive experience to delve deeper into the ancient womb wisdom, assisting us to release trauma and old energies held within our sacred womb space. This will help women to return to a sacred inner balance that will inspire wholeness and clarity with your purpose. The Empress & the Dragon is for women who are ready to be raw in their vulnerability, be naked in their truth, and be strong in their power. This is an initiation into your Feminine Lineage, the Empress within you, and Magick.