Infused Water

Whilst I like to work with seasons, there is one thing that never goes out of fashion for me and thats the purest thing on this planet. Water.

I have a little voice in my head (it sounds like you, Mum) who instructs me to carry water every where I go. It has been my nearest and dearest sidekick, no matter whether I'm just riding my bike up the street or got a suitcase at my side. Water is my greatest ally, forever keeping me hydrated and stabilised. I navigate my life around making sure I am always close to some body of water, be that ocean, river or dam. Because of its never faltering loyalty, I felt like bringing awareness to this precious substance was of upmost importance. Much like the bees, if we don't look after our water we won't have much left on this planet.

Doctor Maseru Emoto's 'The Hidden Messages in Water' focus upon water molecules revolutionised the idea around 'good vibrations'. His studies found that positive affirmations directed at water molecules actually changed the way the molecule formed depending on what word was spoken to it. And the highest vibrational word, even above Love? GRATITUDE!

Our bodies are known to be made up of 80% water which means that our affirmations to ourself effect us at a very deep level. Hows that for deep subconscious programming? Does that truly mean that the words and beliefs we feed ourselves can be changed simply by speaking more kindly to our own inner waters, allowing ourselves to feel our emotions to their fullest? Perhaps allowing the tidal waves inside us to rise and then settle is the perfect way to envision our own inner oceans and trust in the inevitable calm that is to reside, eventually.

In Native American prayer and ceremony, one of the central focuses is water. Long and focused prayer upon the intention of water's healing qualities brings deep and insightful moments to acknowledge the true miracle that has been gifted to us by the Earth in the form of liquid love. It's no wonder because of how powerful this life necessity is, that there has been so much uproar in situations such as the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) or why companies such as Nestle are currently bidding on some of the cleanest water in the world and storing it away for the future possibility of it becoming a commodity. Water is actually the baseline of what keeps people in poverty and illness. 663 million people still don't have access to clean water in this 'modern' day and age. So next time you turn on that tap, perhaps take a moment of gratitude for its ever flowing gift to us in the Western world.

Think of the elation on an animal's face after walking the desert in search of water for days. The joy it emits is so deeply impacting it is hard to go past how deeply nourishing and vital Water really is in our lives. Or perhaps imagine the African women who walk for miles just to find the underground well, only to put it back on their heads and walk all the way home to feed their tribe.

So in celebration of this topic, I am offering you my simplest recipe ever. Infused Water. You may alter it accordingly to any food or season. Whether thats for extra hydration in summer with cucumber and mint or for a deep cleanse with activated charcoal and lemon. At the moment my personal favourite is 2 drops of Lavender Oil, Thyme Oil, Salt and a fresh sprig of Thyme on top. Perfect for any chesty infections coming on with the Autumn breeze and tasty, too!

Hopefully this inspires you to view Water in a different light. To see it's power. To have more gratitude for it. To sing more songs in its honour. Or to truly reflect on its beauty and its importance that it really has in our lives. Maybe that means taking a shorter shower, refusing to drink bottled water from supermarkets or simply making an infused water at home and taking the time to be in gratitude for something so simply, something so unthanked but something so extremely important as our beautiful friend, The Water.

You will need:

- Water!

- A beautiful bottle

- A creative mind


- Find well sourced water, whether that be from a spring, a well, a water tank or simply filtered.

- Load up your bottle with water and anything that you are feeling you need in that day.

- Let it soak for a few hours. I find it gets more nutritious and stronger as the hours go on. Enjoy! I usually make a rather large bottle and sip it over a day or two.


- Anti bacterial with Lavender, Thyme and fresh Thyme

- Alkalising with Cucumber, Mint and Peppermint

- Detoxifying with Activated Charcoal, Lemon and Salt

- Protecting with Frankincense Oil, Rosemary Sprigs and Salt

- Hydrating with Fresh Berries, Basil Leaves and Orange Oil



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