Infused Honey

Honey, sweet nectar of life, dripping and oozing liquid gold.

Honey, you delicious, nutritious and ancient elixir. Honey has been found in Egyptian pyramids and was used as a Sacrifice to the Egyptian deities. Hippocrates favoured it as his highest medicine and it has also been referenced in various Roman and Greek texts as medicine, too. Honey actually contains around 200 substances within it, the compositions depending on what the bee's feed on whilst creating it. Honey can overcome anything gastro, immunity and bacterial related and can even be used as a seal upon deep wounds. Pictures of honey have been dated back to over 8000 years ago in Stone Age paintings. Ayurveda holds it within its highest regard, as does the Qur'an. It's also one of the only foods on the planet with no expiry date! Basically, theres not much this precious substance can't do.

It takes 43534 bees to make one tub of honey. It takes 122 days for a flower to come into full bloom. Bees have just been put upon the endangered list, which is a very very important thing to know about and make an effort to protect. If we don’t have bees we don’t have ANYTHING. Bees are one of the most important creatures upon the planet, they literally are the thing that keeps this whole world buzzing. Without them, our eco system that we rely upon to SURVIVE, will collapse.

And the flowers, oh the flowers! All that time and energy spent by the sun, the rain, the earth just to create one single flower! All that persistence and dedication to grow! Flowers are definitely a mirror for us humans, delicately reminding us of our own existence and perseverance to bloom, despite any of the conditions placed upon us.

What a miracle flowers are, such a high vibration that they create upon on this planet, just to bring more beauty to our lives. This article is in pure dedication to the flowers and the bees that make this world a better place.

So what happens when you combine the two, with intention and a few months to merge? You get the recipe for an ancient, all-healing elixir that not only smells and looks amazing, but is deeply regenerative for you too!

Each infused honey you make can be created for a variety of things such as cough syrup, lung cleansing, kidney boosting, immunity saving- the list goes on! Its all just a matter of research to know what herb does what, a pairing with other like-minded herbs and a few months and you have a medicine that never expires and actually gets stronger with time!

You will need:

- Honey (please find a high grade and preferably local & sustainable honey.. this is very important. Also, choosing a honey that is local means you get more immune to the place that you live around as the bees pollenate your local area!)

- Flowers (again, if you are able to choose flowers from your own garden, community garden, neighbours garden etc that is ideal! The flowers closest to you know you and will have a stronger effect on you because of this. Asking permission before picking a flower is always helpful, you can let it know that its going to be used for medicine and it will happily oblige! If you are unable to obtain local, fresh flowers, you can find dried at your local health food shop or online. Anything can be enhanced via intention, so just know its your belief in magic that makes this a stronger concoction)

- Herbs and Spices (You can even use whole product like fresh Garlic, Ginger Cayenne and Turmeric for a proper antibacterial hit!)


- Find a nice jar. I think nice jars make things so much more exciting.

- Pack your jar full of your flowers, herbs or spices

- Pour your honey into the jar. I was foolish enough to not use a funnel for this escapade and ended up dripping in honey. Use a funnel, it makes it easier.

- Seal it up and lock it away for a few months

My favourites:

- Garlic, Ginger, Turmeric and Cayenne for a proper anti-bacterial hit

- Roses, Lavender and Calendula for a sweet, soft hit. You can add this to creams for scones or cupcakes.

- Cacao and Mugwort for a potent dreamy mix.

If you want to make more of a conscious choice on the planet, choosing local, raw and sustainable honeys could be your first step. Boycotting companies such as Capilano or any commercial, supermarket style Honey's is an incredible step in helping save the precious bees. You can inquire deeper here.

Also, the legends up in Flow Hive have created an incredibly versatile hive that keeps the bees thriving and virtually undisturbed while your honey flows right out of a tap! Now hows that for innovation and saving the bees all in one?

And finally, this article is dedicated to my favourite flower lover, Sharon, who has taught me a lot about talking to flowers and nature. She runs amazing workshops across Australia and is also the most profound practitioner I know. If you are interested in learning more about how to communicate with nature spirits and how to access your own potential, I couldn't recommend her more! We often make tinctures, sprays and honey infusions together and working with the medicine that nature provides us is truly the best medicine! Plus, theres nothing more ancient than a walk with a friend collecting flowers!



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