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If you have mornings that seem almost impossible to have something substantial eat as you are running out the door, then I highly recommend catching a ride on the Chia Pudding bandwagon! You've probably seen them in most health food cafes or strewn across Instagram, making them look way harder to create than what they actually are!

Pre-make the night before and watch as you get questioned by your workmates, schoolmates, even people on the tram, asking what that delicious thing you are eating is. Honestly, everyone asks what I am eating when I am carrying this little jar of goodness, munching away!

Chia pudding is awesome because it is so adaptable and you can mix up the flavours and way of making it every time you eat it. You can make it yellow with turmeric, super creamy with coconut milk, tingly with lemon zest, flowery with rose water- anything goes. Adding Berries make it so much juicier, and adding a layer of crunch like Hazelnuts, Bee Pollen or Granola is the perfect texture on top!

Chia Pudding is literally the easiest thing you can make for yourself. The best part about Chia is it can be for breakfast, after a workout, a yummy afternoon snack or a really delicious and filling dessert. Chia expands in liquid within ten minutes and can be made the night before to be ready to go for the next day. I hear a lot of people saying they find it hard to make time to eat healthily, but with Chia Pudding there really is no excuse. This is a great staple for New Mumma's, Mothers in general or an amazing healthy snack for dad in the office too! It can be made vegan and is naturally gluten free.

Chia is a water retainer and high in protein. Chia grows in these tiny little purple flowers that look like a mix between Wheat and Lavender. When I first saw them growing I was cooing like they were newborns. So sweet and delicate!

When you dry them they are exactly like wheat, you can shake them out on a drying rack and gather your harvest. It takes a LOT of Chia to gather a good harvest so when buying, always try to buy fair-trade and organic as a little goes a long way, as those on the growing end need a lot of room to make a lot of produce.

My pictures of my Chia Pudding may look fancy, but it literally took me 10 minutes to make. As it was soaking, I quickly chopped up my berries and layered in some Pink Dragonfruit Powder I found in my local whole foods shop The Source (The Source is in a lot of cities and small towns now and is a great alternative to buying in bulk and using less packaging.)

ENJOY! C xxx


- 1/2 cup Chia to every serving

- 1 cup liquid to every serving (coconut, almond milk, orange juice, coconut water)

- 1 teaspoon lemon rind

Fancy Enhancers

-Vanilla Powder - Cardamon Powder

- Maca Powder

- Figs

- Bee Pollen

- Honey

- Cacao Nibs

- Cacao Powder

- Acai

- Granola

- Activated Buckwheat

- 1/2 cup fresh or thawed berries (strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, raspberry)

- Passionfruit

- Banana

- Handful hazelnuts, chopped

- Pinch of Vanilla Powder or Essence

- 1/4 Cup Kefir (I use Babushka Coconut Kefir)

- 1 Cap Probiotics/Colustrum Powder

- 1 tablespoon Maca Powder

- 1 teaspoon Raw Honey/Maple Syrup


- Place chia seeds in cup or jar

- Cover in liquid and stir thoroughly to get out lumps

- Add in any extra powders or Kefir and stir thoroughly to become smooth. If lumpy still add more liquid through to make it runnier as the chia will absorb liquid over night.

- Cover and place in fridge overnight

- In morning take out and add any extra garnishes

Become the fascination of random people as you eat it. Share the simplicity of the recipe!

#chiapudding #snacks #breakfast #dessert #healthy

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