The Turkish Delight Love Slice

Oh, sweet Cacao. What an incredible gift to this planet you are.

So full of chemicals that bring us joy (Serotonin, Phenylethylamine and Dopamine to name a few), Cacao also contains the mystery messenger molecule, Anandamide, the chemical of 'complete bliss'. Real, unprocessed Cacao has this amazing ability to work with our neurotransmitters to leave us feeling naturally 'high'. It is also speculated that Cacao is thus far the highest rating food for the very much needed mineral, Magnesium. When we eat or drink high grade Cacao, Magnesium is released from our heart which can give people a faster heart rate or literally feel as though their heart is opening. Cacao Beans were once the money system for the Mayans and the legend goes that the 'Spirit' of this plant is the Goddess of Fertility and Flowers. This perhaps has a lot to do with why Chocolate is associated with love, euphoria and sensuality.

The Turkish Delight Love Slice was something that was waiting to come into existence for a long time. I have worked with Cacao since my time living in Central America in 2012, where I was taught to roast, de-husk and grind Cacao beans into paste. Living within the Cacao hub of San Marcus, Guatemala for six months brought me a cup of cacao each day and an opportunity to explore her spirit, messages and the many different ways to create a beautiful cup of hot chocolate. I started making chocolate after living overseas and played around with all sorts of alchemy, along with serving up cups of Cacao in 'ceremony' to masses of people.

One aspect of getting that into Cacao meant that I was over-stimulated for quite some time! Although it carries small traces of caffeine, it was more-so the draining effects of too much Magnesium and being 'high' all the time that left me and my adrenals in overload. I also stepped into a role that was much bigger than I realised, and therefore through the shadow lesson of such a powerful Plant Spirit brought me to my knees and showed me her greatest lesson of love possible- to love myself.

After taking a break for the last years, it was a total pleasure to follow her cues in making this epic, moist and multifaceted chocolate bar on a retreat that was held in Wales back in 2016. Our guests needed a pick me up and I couldn't think of anything better than creating a sweet friend like chocolate to help their endorphins surge on.

I wanted to follow the theme of the magical garden that I had deemed ‘The Garden of Eden’. I had an idea to do a raw, unprocessed version of a crowd favourite, Turkish Delight, but without all the extra nasties. Rose Oil is incredible, but very pricey, so her sister Geranium stepped in and the flavour is almost identical. Adding Goji for the chewy bits and Figs instead of nuts, I birthed probably my favourite chocolate bar to date.

The Turkish Delight Love Slice.

You will need:

The Slab: - 1 cup Raw, good quality Cacao powder

- 3/4 Cup Carob

- 3/4 Cup Cacao Butter, chopped into pieces

- 1 Teaspoon Coconut Oil

- 1/2 Cup Goji Berries

- 4 Dried Figs, chopped into slices

- 1/4 Cup Bee Pollen

- 1 Teaspoon Cardamon Powder

- Dash of Vanilla Essence or Powder

- 4 drops Food Grade Geranium Oil (I use Doterra)

- 2 drops Food Grade Bergamot Oil

- A pinch of Salt

- 1/4 Cup Maple Syrup/Honey (more or less depending on how sweet you would like)

- A medium sized pot

- A metal bowl that sits bigger over your pot - A whisk - A sifter

- A shallow tray - Baking Paper/Aliminium Foil

The Garnish:

- Handful of Bee Pollen

- Handful of Dried Roses

The Creation:

1. Choose a metal bowl that sits easily over a medium sized pot. Fill your pot a quarter of the way with water and turn the stove on high. Place your metal bowl on top of the pot to start heating up the metal bowl for melting.

2. Roughly chop your Cacao butter into small pieces and put into the metal bowl, along with your teaspoon of Coconut Oil, Sweetener, pinch of Salt and your dashing of Vanilla.

3. While you are waiting for the butter to melt completely, line your shallow tray with greased baking paper or aluminium foil. Make sure it is lubricated with coconut oil as it will be easier to set and take out of the pan when it has set.

4. Once the butter is melted completely, turn off the pot but keep the metal bowl on top. Sift in your Cacao powder and Carob Powder and start to whisk vigorously, ensuring there are no lumps.

5. Take your bowl off immediately, and add in your Figs, Goji berries, Cardamon powder. Stir these in so they are layered evenly throughout.

6. Add your Geranium and Bergamot Oil. Whisk through. Taste to see if the balance is correct on sweetener!

7. Pour your liquid into the pan so it is even. It should be runny enough that it naturally moves through the whole pan and is of the same consistency. It will have a nice shine to it which means you have tempered it correctly.

8. Layer on top your Rose Petals and Bee Pollen gently so they sit delicately on top. Place into a shelf on fridge or freezer immediately.

9. In 30 minutes time, your slab should be firm and hardened. Cut with a warm knife into desired sized pieces.

10. Eat it. RIGHT NOW!

*This bar can melt easily as it is Raw Chocolate. If you want to transport to a party or as a gift simply pop it in the freezer in a container and take it out just before you leave*



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