Meet Caitlin!

Hi there!

My name is Caitlin Priday and I am the face behind Mother Tree Creations.

Mother Tree Creations has been formed through personal experience of working within the hospitality industry for close to eleven years and the organic, whole food industry for the past four years.

Mother Tree Creations was birthed through the desire to reach many people through the simple power of wellness and the great effects that eating well can have upon every aspect of our life. From the beginning of time we have rotated our lives around food, locating ourselves by the most abundant fruits and animals in order to survive. Now we are at a point where we expect our food to be in our hands and in our bellies with very little effort. No diet, lifestyle or food preference is going to be the same for anyone, let alone an entire family- we are simply just not made that way.

It takes two people to create a child, to create a life, to create a family.⠀ Although the face of family is forever changing, the essence of family remains the same. There is always a custodian in a family dynamic who is the key 'nurturer' to the little beings growing within life.⠀ An aspect that often gets overlooked in this process of keeping small people alive, is the nurturing of the Self.⠀ I hear the struggles of many people, whether a mother or father or not, is to maintain self-love and nourishment. Something as simple as shopping and eating well can often take the lesser priority on a never ending list of tasks. ⠀ ⠀ Mother Tree Creation's aim is to facilitate wellness in all avenues in life, directed towards those who are 'time-poor' or lacking the energy or inspiration to maintain a healthy diet all week long.⠀ Sure, we can get take out and enjoy the experience of fine dining whenever we please, but what really is better than a home-cooked meal or a fridge full of produce and meals to help us have a little bit of ease of mind? When you have a new baby or a child with disabilities, where is your energy directed? Simply to keeping that little person healthy, happy and alive is a full-time job in itself. ⠀ Not everyone has the luxury of baking a loaf of bread or making their own Nut mylk whenever they please. Mother Tree’s Blog aims at providing simple, nutritious and pro-biotic, immunity building meals and snacks to keep you inspired, motivated and of course, fed well! ⠀ ⠀

To get a little more personal, let me divulge a little more about me.

I found food medicine as my healer through a dark passage through depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue and all types of strange viruses that had been cycling through my system since I was ten years old.

When I found all hope to be lost, I drew all focus back inwardly, to my stomach, where all of our bacteria lives and controls most of our bodies reactions and emotional triggers.

In a society where food is largely overly consumed, packed with chemicals, preservatives and numbers and made to be ‘fast’, I was horrified as I began to self research into the singular most important thing we as humans do daily. We need to eat (and drink water) in order to survive.

To go into researching the horrific reality of our food on this planet, I began to understand my own disconnection from the Earth and what I was putting into my body. Many have the excuse that they do not have time to eat or cook healthy, as they do not have enough time. It is part of my mission to teach others that this is simply not so.

Food is my passion and ignites me to keep creating, learning and researching new ways to fill my stomach with joy. It is my hope that you will eat these creations and be inspired to create for yourself in the same way, to make time to return to your basic needs and be able to share with your beloved ones your own passions.

Here’s to anarchy through education, revolution through inspiration and to a healthier, more joyful experience in the home and all avenues of life.

We deserve it!



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