R E T R E A T  &  E V E N T  C A T E R I N G 


Catering for retreats, events and functions

is one of my favourite things to do. I love

meeting the groups who come through

these experiences. Each one is so unique

and expansive that tailoring a menu

specifically for it is completely necessary,

to be an easy and memorable food journey. 


Participants deserve to feel nourished

and nurtured through their time when

taking ‘retreat’ or experiencing an event

or function that may shift their awareness

completely. After cooking for over forty

retreats in the last five years, every

experience is unique, expanding and

always a great space for learning, in and

out of the kitchen.

Each menu is tailor made according to your activities, location and any intolerances or allergies that may be had by your guests. All dishes are highly nutritional wholefoods, focusing upon replenishing and supporting the body so your participants (and you!) can focus on the rest of the work. All ingredients are sourced as ethically and local as possible, focusing upon a ‘low waste’ and sustainable kitchen as much as possible.


Mother Tree Creations prides itself on tasty variations of homely and nourishing foods, balancing out all meals with freshness, quality and cleanliness. Mother Tree Creations emphasises easy nurturing, hoping recipients will be inspired enough to take their experience home to their own kitchen and maintain wellness within their life through the simple art of Food as Medicine.