C A C A O  C E R E M O N Y & C E L E B R AT I O N

Cacao is the great heart illuminator, she who opens doors and the pathways into our deepest longing.

Ixcacao has a long history through Meso America as a Plant Deva who works with fertility, abundance, co-creation, community and heart medicine. She has many different strains that have branched out across the world, now even growing in places like Africa and Bali.

Cacao has a deep medicine that empowers the heart and also reveals shadows. To truly work with this medicine, she wishes for people to see her in all that is she is and in turn do the same with themselves.

Caitlin has worked in reverence and humility with this plant since 2012 and continues to learn and receive wisdom each time they come in communion together. She have served at many Cacao Celebrations and Ceremonies over the last eight years and worked with her in abundance of ways from chocolate making to conscious parties.Caitlin is a sought after Cacao server because of her variety of teachings, adaptability to the space she is working within and unique way of working with the plant that stems from a history of dedication and understanding of the lights and shadows of the plant and how to serve her in a clean, neutral way.


In 2019 she completed a Ceremonialist training with Shamanic Energy Training that continued deepening her work with facilitating and holding ceremony in a deeper, more integral way. Caitlin has also been under apprenticeship and training by lead Ceremonialist and multi disciplinary therapist Sharon Bolt for the last six years which holds her work and energy accountable to integrity. 

Cacao is a multi dimensional Deva who deserves honouring and respect and it is with her deepest humility that Caitlin brings her forth in reverence. 


Contact Caitlin to see how you may incorporate a Ceremony or Celebration into your retreat or workshop to bring a deeper connection or ritualistic aspect into your work.