I've been pushing pretty hard of late. I'm currently balancing three different physical jobs, lots of admin for two businesses and a whole heap of opportunities that keep arising as I prepare myself for registering my kitchen for May. Registering my kitchen means that...

Whilst I like to work with seasons, there is one thing that never goes out of fashion for me and thats the purest thing on this planet. Water.

I have a little voice in my head (it sounds like you, Mum) who instructs me to carry water every where I go. It has been my ne...

As the leaves keep on falling down, so does the desires for all the fruity punches of Summer Salads and light eating. My body is starting to draw its energy inwards and I am already starting to notice the cravings it is showing me every time I go for a shop.

I just fou...

Honey, sweet nectar of life, dripping and oozing liquid gold.

Honey, you delicious, nutritious and ancient elixir. Honey has been found in Egyptian pyramids and was used as a Sacrifice to the Egyptian deities. Hippocrates favoured it as his highest medicine and it has...

The turn of seasons is upon us, and so is the body’s natural clock to start desiring warming, nurturing and grounding foods. As the leaves begin to fall, I have the pleasure of watching the array of leaves start to change form into deep oranges, reds and yellows. As I...

If you have mornings that seem almost impossible to have something substantial eat as you are running out the door, then I highly recommend catching a ride on the Chia Pudding bandwagon! You've probably seen them in most health food cafes or strewn across Instagram, ma...

Oh, sweet Cacao. What an incredible gift to this planet you are.

So full of chemicals that bring us joy (Serotonin, Phenylethylamine and Dopamine to name a few), Cacao also contains the mystery messenger molecule, Anandamide, the chemical of 'complete bliss'.
Real, unpr...

Meet the founder of Mother Tree Creations, Caitlin Priday.

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Infused Water

April 3, 2018

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